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Technological innovations have allowed for increasing recovery of recyclable materials from the mixed waste stream. Our staff has an in-depth understanding of technological breakthroughs in diversion techniques to increase recycling. Our experts can assist in revising your recycling efforts through community outreach, technological advancements and finding alternate markets to avoid disposal.

We have extensive experience in evaluating, designing, constructing and operating renewable energy systems. Since becoming Climate Exchange verifiers 15 years ago, we have evaluated dozens of renewable energy systems. We have also permitted several landfill gas to energy systems, and our largest system is well on the way to full production of 13.5 Megawatts. Many homes and businesses run on power supplied by projects that S+G permitted.

S+G assists our solar energy clients with site development design and permitting assistance on a variety of projects throughout the Southeast.

Our expertise in Recovery includes the services listed to the left.